Your strategic partner for evaluating your PEO service

Does your PEO evolve with your business? It may be time to consider whether or not that is the case.


PEO Benchmark brings the kind of data insights that are typically only available to large, Fortune 1000 companies—so your renewals move in sync with your actual health risk profile.
We start with a benefits benchmark to find out how your benefits stack up against companies just like yours (size, industry, location, employee base). Our benefits consultants will analyze:

• Benefits plans
• Plan design
• Contribution structure
• Business goals
• Employee base


We buck the trend of rising healthcare costs by bringing data to the negotiating table. On your behalf, PEO Benchmark will:

• Get claims visibility
• Forecast your claims
• Monitor your group’s health profile throughout the year
• Assess your risk
• Negotiate a fair renewal


We can work with your existing workflows or provide guidance if you’re thinking about making a change to your benefits ecosystem.

• Payroll
• BenAdmin
• HSA/FSA/Commuter
• Compliance


Our services and solutions are designed to help your people choose the health plan that best meets their needs.

• Onsite open enrollment
• Interactive benefits guide
• Mobile advocacy app
• Benefits knowledge base
• Human benefits experts, year-round

Overall Benefits Package

See how your company’s benefits stack up against other similar companies within your industry, geo, size, life cycle, etc.

HR Technology Stack & Workflows

See how your HR Tech stack (payroll, HRIS, BenAdmin, ATS, PMS) compares to other companies of your size.

Healthcare Benefits

See how your health plan designs, contributions, and coverage compare to other similar companies.

It begins with a conversation.