A modern PEO solution that saves you thousands.

Driven by data, we optimize our strategies to deliver the most cost-effective employee management solutions.


Why PEO Benchmark?

We provide an unbiased, comprehensive evaluation of the best model solution for you and your employees.

PEO Migration

Approaching 100 employees? Moving can mean 15-20% savings + better coverage.

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Breaking down PEO complexities arming you with strategic solutions to your PEO problems.

Save money, streamline processes and position your firm for a better future.

We conduct an objective audit of your PEO and benefit offerings to determine how and if a transition away from your PEO is in your best interest. We benchmark new programs related to your current benefits and HR infrastructure measuring vendor efficiency, ACA compliance, talent, risk, compensation, and other employee experience values.

The result? A custom, robust decision-making tool tailored to your needs now and into the future.

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